Mε λίγη τύχη η κατάλληλα τραβηγμένες φωτογραφίες μπορούν να μας χαρίσουν άφθονο γέλιο και να γίνουν «τροφή για σκέψη»!

1) This is gonna be so much fun. And confusion.

2) Go home girl. God ain't happy.

3) Is that a tushy? Oh, no it ain't.

4) Hello Mrs. Hudson. How are you?

5) And the shadow just got dirty.

6) May be he talks with his eyes more.

7) When there's too much sadness for a single person to handle.

8) That's a big hand for his age. You know what I mean *wink

9) I know where you're looking at! *wink*

10) I just heard a girl asking for this 'invisible junk'.

11) Ouch. Poor pup.

12) Why should boys have all the fun?

13) Whatcha looking in for, dude?

14) This isn't the happy time to take pictures, sweetie.

15) Now, that's called a perfectly timed photo!

16) Umm..who's hugging whom here?

17) Oww girl! This selfie ain't innocent. At all.

18) Looks like the dolphin is enjoying this!